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CollegeBound Solutions, LLC was created for both parents and college bound students. More information about college admissions, financial aid and funding options exists than any one person could possibly absorb ... you might call it an embarrassment of riches. But, too much of anything, even information, is not necessarily a good thing. Families, now more than ever, need simple, straightforward answers regarding paying for college.

Both our parents and students benefit by these techniques and strategies:

  • Individualized college funding plan for ALL children
  • Cash Flow enhancement modeling
  • “Tax Scholarships"
  • The latest admission strategies
  • Educational strategies
  • Creative borrowing techniques
  • Complicated financial aid forms done automatically
  • Personalized financial aid appeal service

We at CollegeBound Solutions strive to help parent and student sort through the maze of information and use only what applies to that family's personal situation.

I encourage you to explore our site and learn more about the services we provide, especially our unique college appeals service. Should you have any questions or would like more information on our company, please feel free to contact us.

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