Our Services

At CollegeBound Solutions we help you find the best way to afford college for all of your children. This includes:

  • Finding appropriate and affordable colleges where "the right fit" between the college and your student is emphasized to qualify them for the most money.
  • Creating a cash flow model that identifies all sources available to help pay for college.
  • Developing educational tax strategies that allow you to pay less to the IRS that means more money available to pay for college.
  • Recommending appropriate borrowing measures.
  • Comparing financial aid awards that lets you know if your child received a fair award package.

We also specialize in writing financial aid appeal letters on your behalf that can reduce out of pocket expenses.

We have active financial aid administrators assisting us in getting every penny of aid your child deserves.

Other services include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing The Student Athlete Program

Our “SIX-STEP SYSTEM” can increase the odds that your high school student-athlete will get recruited by colleges. 10% of all college athletes get “full-rides”. the other 90% will only get partial scholarships or none at all.

  • Step 1: How to Pick the Right Colleges to Contact
  • Step 2: How to Write a Great Cover Letter to the College Coach
  • Step 3: How to Create an Effective One-Page Resume
  • Step 4: How to Put Together an Athletic Recruiting Video
  • Step 5: How to Track your Communications with Colleges
  • Step 6: How to Structure Progress Reports to Update the College Coaches

Download our full College Bound Solutions Brochure.